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 Amendment 01 (6-27-10)

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Amendment 01 (6-27-10) Empty
PostSubject: Amendment 01 (6-27-10)   Amendment 01 (6-27-10) EmptyFri Jun 18, 2010 3:52 pm

Amendment 01 to the Tiberiam Constitution
To be in effect immediately following the 6/26/2010 election
Authored by Donkholme

OBSERVING the historical context of the three (3) month terms for the Chancellors of Tiberiam,

NOTING the projected progress and growth of this government to be progressive and reformative adjunct with the politics of this government,

AFFIRMING the decision of the legislators to make this change, we

HEREBY AMEND the Constitution to reflect a change to the length of term as Chancellor from three (3) months to one (1) month, or a length deemed appropriate by the Senate abiding by the Constitution by discussion and vote
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Amendment 01 (6-27-10)
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