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The Judicial Republican Constitution

We, the nations of Tiberiam, have come together to form a Judicial Republic which will rule the region of Tiberiam with a just hand and legislative balance. This Judicial Republic will see to that the rule of one does not come become dominant in the land, but a panel will be in charge. This Constitution also strives for creating a fair constitutional body that will determine the future of this region through Legislation and amendments. Endorsement, Voting, and Election regulations made by this Constitution.

Article I
When passed, this Article will create a Judicial Panel which holds the powers of the Judicial and Executive components.
---Section 1:
The Judicial Panel will consist of three officials, titled Chancellors.
The Chancellors will be the regional body that supports this government. After the first chancellors’ term is completed, the senate will elect each panel. The three majority winners will become the new chancellors. No member of the Senate will vote for himself, however, he may vote for an incumbent or new Chancellor upon his or her discretion. Moreover, if the legislative body becomes un-functional or indecisive, the appointment of the Chancellors will be the three persons that agree to continue the government that this constitution has created. If one particular Chancellor rightfully elected and no other votes were cast, that Chancellor will appoint two, or one, respectively, other Chancellors to fill the vacant spots. Term length will be 3 months, with unlimited consecutive terms.
---Section 2:
Voting rights within the realm of the Panel of Chancellors must be unanimous in the circumstances of ejecting, and banishment. Similarly, if the Senate is inactive, then the Judicial Panel has the power to create the Legislation. Inactivity is measured by amount of discussion and poll results of each document presented.
---Section 3:
If problems arise between nations and one calls legal action, or if a nation is causing problems for the Region whole, the Chancellors will call a Judicial Order (trial), and will reprimand the nation(s) at the time the Order begins. The Chancellors will decide with a majority vote whether the nation is guilty. If convicted, the Chancellors will hold a discussion on the ejection and/or banning. There must be a unanimous decision.
The Judicial Panel will uphold this Constitution for the Republic and interpret as needed. The Judicial Panel will be Supreme entity of Law and Order, and must make the decisions based on the unanimous judgment of the chancellors’ decisions, respectively.

Article II
This Article pertains to the Legislative Body and the functions that it will operate within this Constitution.
---Section 1)
The Legislative Body, the Senate, will have many specific functions, maintained within the realm of this Constitution. The Senate has power to legislate and vote on Law for the Region. The number of votes tallied against the number of Senators determines the majority.
---Section 2)
The Senate will consist of all nations and will accept all new delegates as equal regardless of induction to the Region. Senators may opt to resign their vote, temporarily, or permanently. The Senate will respect each Senator’s option to resign from active legislation.
---Section 3)
Senators can make unlimited numbers of bills and amendments per his or her discretion. Proper titling of all documents will be required; the three titles enacted are bill, act, or amendment. After being proposed, it shall pass by a majority vote of the senate. If any document fails, then the bill, act, or amendment is marked "Rejected,” until change or revision is taken. If a Chancellor(s) is considered to become negligent of his/her duties or has done actions that have hurt the Region, an Order must preside within the senate for majority vote and, if convicted, hold a second vote for ejection by the remaining member(s) of the Judicial Panel.

Article III
This Article pertains to WA Endorsements
---Section 1)
Concerning the Regional WA Delegate, decreed is they will only be a figurehead for the Region, and have no special entitlements to the Region or government. No Endorsement Ads shall be present within the Region.
The current WA Delegate shall report to the panel to execute the ejecting or banning of a nation in the Region.
If the Current WA Delegate refuses against the panel’s wishes, the senate members must strip the endorsements forthwith. If the WA Delegate or become corrupt and will not heed to the Judicial Panel’s decree, disbandment legislation is in effect. The creation of this legislation is pending ratification of this Constitution.

Article IV
This Article pertains to voting Regulations
---Section 1)
Voting shall last for seven days (RL). The next day, pending ratification, it will go into effect. If failed, it will return to the Queue, pending revision, and re-submittal to the Senate.
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